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Schwank LogoH-Mac Systems, Inc. is proud to be one of the select authorized distributors chosen to sell Schwank products.

Detailed Information

About Schwank

Gas infrared tube heaters, luminous heaters, patio heaters and construction heaters. These are among the core Schwank products found in thousands of commercial, industrial and residential facilities throughout the world. Whether your project requires a residential infrared heater for your garage or large commercial infrared heaters for a 500,000 square foot warehouse addition, Schwank has the solution.

Schwank Radiant Heaters

Designed for the budget conscious market, manufactured for premium performance.

Only Schwank Radiant Heaters offer an unbeatable combination of price and performance. That's because Schwank infrared radiant heaters are the product of more than 50 years of engineering and manufacturing experience.

Expect years of trouble-free performance, plus energy savings of up to 50%. Better still, Schwank Radiant Heaters come with an equally impressive warranty. For example, their infrared tube heater warranty includes 10 years on the burner head, five years on the tubes and 2 years on all other components.

Schwank Factory

Looking for price and performance?

Then look for Schwank gas-fired infrared Radiant Heaters, available in a wide range of value loaded models and sizes, including tube heaters, luminous heaters, patio heaters and construction heaters – all CSA International certified.

Comfort + Fuel Savings

Schwank infrared radiant heating systems achieve superior comfort levels within the workplace. Schwank heating systems are competitively priced, yet deliver fuel savings of 35% to 50% compared to traditional fan forced heating systems. Improved comfort and a quick pay back – what's not to like?

Schwank Design Service

A properly designed infrared radiant heating system not only optimizes fuel savings, but also ensures that personnel comfort uniform throughout all work areas. Contact your local contractor to submit a heating design survey of your building. A no obligation radiant heating design will be returned within a couple business days.

Schwank Radiant Heating System features:
• Efficient, clean-burning performance with natural gas or propane gas
• Durable design and construction to ensure long life and attractive appearance
• Best warranties in the industry
• Numerous safety and performance features
• Comfort you can feel - not wild claims

Expect excellent performance in Industrial plants, Arenas, Transportation terminals, loading docks, Aircraft hangars, automotive service garages, patios, and just about anywhere comfort is required.
Don't settle for under performing radiant heaters. Get price and performance with Schwank Radiant Heaters. More heat for less money.

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