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Markel F3475 Surface Mounted Ceiling Heater, 5KW, 208V 1PH 24.1A
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Markel F3475 Surface Mounted Ceiling Heater, 5KW, 208V 1PH 24.1A

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32 (Lbs.)
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Markel 3470 Series Factory Installed Control Options
Single Pole Thermostat And Disconnect Switch (1 Phase Units) TS [+$146.00]
Transformer With 24V Secondary And 24V Relay And Disconnect Switch A1S [+$156.00]
Markel 3470 Series Field Installed Control Options
Line Voltage Double Pole Wall Thermostat ET5DS [+$22.00]
24 Volt Wall Thermostat UT1001 (Requires Transformer And Relay) [+$18.00]
Markel 3470 Series Recess Frame
Recess Mounting Frame For Plaster Ceilings PT3480 [+$79.00]


Product Specifications

Contractor shall supply and install heavy duty ceiling mounted forced air electric heater(s) of the wattage, voltage and phase as indicated on the plans. The heater shall so be designed to provide an even distribution of heated air to the space to be heated by drawing return air in the periphery of the heater, across and through the element and be discharged from the center section of the heater by mean of an electric motor and axial flow fan blade.

Motor: Motor shall be permanent lubricated, unit bearing, totally enclosed shaded pole type with impedance protection. Motors shall operate at no more than 1300 RPM and shall be same voltage as the heater.

Performance: Heaters shall have a rating of 425 CFM at 710 F.P.M.

Element: Element assemblies shall consist of two or three corrosion resistant steel sheathed type elements mechanically bonded to common corrosion resistant steel fins. Each sheathed element shall consist of helically coiled Nickel Chromium alloy resistant wire completely embedded in and surrounded by Magnesium Oxide, enclosed and wedged into corrosion resistant steel sheaths. Elements shall have 2” cold conductor pins extending into sheath and shall have a density of no more than 60 watts per inch.

Thermal Overload: Heaters shall be equipped with a “manual reset” thermal overload which disconnects elements and motor in the event normal operating temperatures are exceeded. For safety, if opened due to abnormal temperature, thermal overload shall remain open until manually reset. Automatic reset thermal overloads which allow the element to continue to cycle under abnormal conditions will not be accepted.

Approval: Heaters shall be ETL listed.

Commercial and Institutional Applications: Use in - vestibules, entranceways, lobbies, rest rooms and small office and guard building applications.


Optional controls must be factory installed. Field installation is not acceptable and violates Listing and factory warranty.

Factory installed control sections add 2-5/16” to the height of the unit.

480V units include 24V transformer and relay as standard (A1)
- only TS option control section can be added. Depth dimension of all 480V models is 10-7/8”

Degree F air rise is measured at 710 F.P.M. and 425 CFM. Throw designed for 8 to 12 foot ceilings.

Unit weight: 32 lbs.

Recommended Remote Thermostats:
Line Voltage: Single Phase 208-240V ET5DS
Single Phase 277V ET5SS
Three Phase TW1512
Low Voltage: UT1001

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