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  5. Chromalox DRA-10-83 Electric Salamander Heater 9.75KW 33,277 Btu/Hr 208V 1/3PH 47.1/27.3A PCN 295540
Chromalox DRA-10-83 Electric Salamander Heater 9.75KW 33,277 Btu/Hr 208V 1/3PH 47.1/27.3A PCN 295540
Chromalox DRA-10-83 Image

Chromalox DRA-10-83 Electric Salamander Heater 9.75KW 33,277 Btu/Hr 208V 1/3PH 47.1/27.3A PCN 295540

Part Number: Chromalox-DRA-10-83
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Usually Ships In: 8 Weeks
Ships From: Tennessee - Direct From Chromalox
Ships By: UPS or FedEx Ground. Multiple quantities may ship via truck.
Weight: 65 (Lbs.)
Free Ground Shipping to the Lower 48 States
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The Chromalox DRA is a rugged industrial grade, self contained, highly mobile, electric blowerheater. The DRA can be leftunattended without the threat of poisoning from combustion by-products associated with fuel fired heaters. The built in safety features include an adjustable thermostat to control the outlet air temperature,auto-reset cut outs for the fan motor and heating elements. The thermostat provides settings for full off, fan only and temperature control in the heating setting. Dragon heaters feature a large, easily accessible controland wiring compartment containing a magnetic contactor; additional safety is provided by a 120 volt control voltage transformer and motor starter on 480 and 600 volt units. The bright red polyester powder coated heating cylinder is highly visible and can be rotated to direct heat or fan driven airmovement where it is needed. For assured safety, all standard units meet the requirements of UL (File No. E207486) and CSA (File No.LR40859).

Leg Assembly: Each side consists of a one piece, 12 gauge, formed steel member, which accepts a steel tubular handle, held in place with a 1 1/2" long x 1/4" bolton each side. The handle can be raised from the shipping position if desired. The rubber, pneumatic wheels are 10" diameter and 3 1/2" wide to provide ease of transporting the heater on irregular and gravel surfaces. The large wheels make it easy to roll up stairways without damage to decorative step surfaces.

Heating Cylinder: A structural frame consisting of 2 spun steel rings and 2 for medsteel channels support a 20 gauge steel cylinder phosphate coated for corrosion resistance, and finished in red polyester powder coat paint.The heating cylinder pivots vertically to direct air flow.

Safety Guards: Front and rear grills are 10 gauge finished in black polyester powder coatand are designed to meet OSHA safety requirements.

Heating Assembly: The patented metal sheath Fintube heating elements consist of steel finsfurnace brazed on industrial grade .475 diameter steel sheath tubula rheaters for maximum heat transfer. The elements are held in place with steel bulk head fittings for durability.The elements feature a high temperature finish for corrosive protection.

Fan Assembly: The self-centering fan assembly consists of a totally enclosed, permanently lubricated motor and a dynamically balanced aluminum fan blade for smooth, quiet operation.

Controls: A thermostat, with a temperature range of 40 degrees F to 100 degrees F is included,with a full off position, a fan only position and an adjustable range oftemperature settings in the heating mode position. Each unit includes a 3 pole magnetic contactor and autoreset thermal cutout. 480 volt and 600 volt units also include a motor relay and 120 volt control voltage transformer for personnel safety.


- Any Commercial or IndustrialApplication Needing Instant Fan Forced Heat
- Building Construction
- Curing Plaster and Concrete
- Warming Workers
- Thawing Frozen Pipes
- Thawing Railroad Cars
- Heating Large Tents
- Non-Hazardous Areas
- For best results, use in an enclosed area with ceiling heights below 15 feet.


- No Fumes or Annoying Smell
- Safer, No Open Flame
- Safe to Operate in Unattended Areas
- No moisture added to the air - oil and gas fuels add moisture to the air
- Minimum Maintenance
- No fuel to store
- Long horizontal Air Throw
- Quiet Operation
- Easy Installation
- Fan Only For Summer Operation
- Single Knob Adjustment of Fan Direction
- No Assembly Required
- Long Life Industrial Finned Tubular Heating Elements and High Limit Thermal Cut-out Switch

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