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  6. Chromalox HD3D-750 208V 1PH Washdown Heater 7.5KW 208V 1PH 36.1A PCN 520188
Chromalox HD3D-750 208V 1PH Washdown Heater 7.5KW 208V 1PH 36.1A PCN 520188
Chromalox HD3D-750-208V-1PH Image

Chromalox HD3D-750 208V 1PH Washdown Heater 7.5KW 208V 1PH 36.1A PCN 520188

Part Number: Chromalox-HD3D-750-208V-1PH
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Usually Ships In: 8 Weeks
Ships From: Tennessee - Direct From Chromalox
Ships By: UPS or FedEx Ground. Multiple quantities may ship via truck.
Weight: 50 (Lbs.)
Free Ground Shipping to the Lower 48 States
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Because it has an adjustable discharge grille to direct air flow, and can be wall or ceiling (plus swivel) mounted, the HD3D heater may be used in a variety of heating applications:
- Primary Heating
- Supplementary Heating
- Dual System Heating
- Spot Heating
- Entryway Air-Curtain Heating
- Freeze Protection

This reliable, rugged, self-contained HD3D heater is an ideal heat source for freeze protection or comfort heat in dusty/dirty/corrosive non-hazardous environments. Standard HD3D heaters include low profile stainless steel wall/ceiling mounting brackets that can be used to mount directly to a wall for horizontal airflow perpendicular to the wall. These brackets can also be used to mount the heater directly to the
ceiling for vertical airflow.

Waste Water Treatment Plants, Coal Handling Areas, Food Processing Plants, Foundries, Steel Mills, Cement Plants, Ships, Construction Sites, Car Washes, Swimming Pool Areas, Canneries, Corrosion Resistant for Harsh Environments and Dairies.


Roll Formed Case is constructed of 20 gauge corrosion resistant type 304 stainless steel.
Adjustable Discharge Grille directs air flow up or down as needed.
NEMA 4X Control Enclosure houses the heater controls, contactors and control voltage transformer, easily accessible from front of heater.
Heating Elements - High quality, long-life, Stainless Steel FintubeĀ® (type 316) offers maximum resistance to corrosion.
Totally Enclosed Motor - The motor is permanently lubricated, ball bearing type and is epoxy painted for moisture and corrosion resistance.
Dynamically Balanced Fan - Aluminum fan is epoxy coated and provides optimum air flow across the heating elements.

Transformer provides a 120V control circuit (24V optional). Standard on all units except 2
kW and 3 kW, 120V.
Heavy Duty Contactors for heating circuit and motor are included (Not furnished on 120V, 2
and 3 kW units).
Automatic Reset Thermal Cutout is provided for fast heat response and overheat protection.
Fan Time Delay Relay dissipates residual heat build-up after shutdown.
Low Profile Fixed Wall & Ceiling Mounting Bracket (Non Swiveling)

Optional Features
- Integral Thermostat, 40 degrees F to 90 degrees F Setpoint Range
- Pilot Light - Green Indicates Power On
- Selector Switch (3 position) - Heater On, Off, or Fan Only Operation for Heater
- Manual Reset Cutout
- Epoxy Painted Stainless Steel Case
- 24V Control Circuit

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