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  6. Chromalox HVH-05-43-30 Horizontal Or Vertical Electric Unit Heater 5.0KW 480V 3PH 6.3A PCN 219230
Chromalox HVH-05-43-30 Horizontal Or Vertical Electric Unit Heater 5.0KW 480V 3PH 6.3A PCN 219230
Chromalox HVH-05-43-30 Image

Chromalox HVH-05-43-30 Horizontal Or Vertical Electric Unit Heater 5.0KW 480V 3PH 6.3A PCN 219230

Part Number: Chromalox-HVH-05-43-30
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Ships From: Tennessee - Direct From Chromalox
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Weight: 32 (Lbs.)
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The Chromalox HVH self-contained blower heater provides quiet, reliable, fan-forced heat for all types of commercial and industrial applications. The hallmark of the HVH blower heater is its versatility. It can provide vertical or horizontal airflow and can be mounted on walls or ceilings. Optional wall or ceiling swivel mounting brackets help direct airflow exactly where it is needed. Heavy-duty construction affords long, dependable service, while its two-tone gray polyester powder coat finish makes an attractive appearance.

- Shipping and Receiving Areas
- Pump Houses
- Power Generating Stations
- Aircraft Hangars
- Factories
- Warehouses
- Garages

Cabinet - Heavy 20-gauge steel, 2.6 to 15 kW models; 18-gauge steel, 25 to 50 kW models.Phosphate undercoated for corrosion resistance. Finished in a two-tone gray polyester powder coat.
Louvers - Individually adjustable. Direct airflow up or down as needed.
Fintube Heating Elements Corrosion resistant steel fins furnace-brazed to a tubular heating element, assuring long life and superior heat transfer.
Fan Motor - Totally enclosed fan motor is rated for continuous duty with built-in thermal cutout and operates on the same voltage as the heating circuit.
Dynamically Balanced Fan - Ensures smooth, quiet operation. Blade pitch is carefully selected so that the volume of air moved results in the optimum discharge air temperature. Pull-through airflow design draws air across heating elements for more even airflow distribution and cooler element operation.

- Integral 24V Control Transformer is standard on 480V models and eliminates the need for an external control source (120V is optional).
- Heavy Duty Magnetic Contactors are standard on all models except 2.6 thru 5 kW single phase models, (are present on all 480V models).
- Linear Thermal Cutouts open the control circuit and disconnect power to the heating elements if overheating occurs. Automatic Reset allows the control circuit to reclose and restore power when temperature returns to normal.
-  Field Convertible - Combination 208/240V and 1 or 3 phase operation through 10 kW.

Versatile Mounting Configurations
Vertical Discharge - Recessed fasteners on the rear of the heater cabinet are internally threaded  for suspension of unit in the vertical discharge mode with threaded rods.
Horizontal Discharge Ceiling Bracket - The ceiling bracket allows you mount the heater directly to the ceiling or over-head member, simply and easily. The swivel mounting allows you to readily adjust the direction of warm air flow for maximum comfort up to 180 degrees rotation.
Wall Mounting Bracket - The wall mounting brackets permits the heater to be rotated to face any direction.

Field Installation Kits
Thermostat Kits - Field installable on all models. Range 40 degrees to 90 degrees F / 4 degrees to 32 degrees C.
Disconnect Switch Kits - Field-installable switch enables power to be disconnected while servicing heater. Mounts on the front of the heater.
Outlet Screen - Prevents objects from coming in contact with fan.

Factory Installed Options
- Pilot Light
- Time Delay (heat on and off): Provides delay of fan operation untilelements have warmed up. The fan stays on until cool.

- Self Contained
- Versatile, Flexible and High Performance
-  Easy Installation
- Minimum Maintenance
- Long Life
- Attractive Appearance Because it has individually adjustable discharge louvers to direct air flow, and can be wall or ceiling (plus swivel) mounted, the HVH heater may be used in a variety of heating applications:
- Primary Heating
- Supplementary Heating
- Dual System Heating
- Spot Heating
- Entryway Air-Curtain Heating

Mounting Limitations
Hazardous Atmosphere - These unit heaters should not be used in potentially explosive  atmospheres.
Corrosive Atmosphere -The finish is not intended for direct salt spray exposure in marine applications or the highly corrosive atmospheres of greenhouses, swimming pools, chemical storage bins, etc.
Mounting Height - Do not install unit heaters above recommended maximum mounting height. Obstructions must not block unit heater air inlet or discharge.

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