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  6. Chromalox UB-502 M240V 480V1P Electric Unit Heater 5.0KW 240V Fan Motor 480V 1PH 10.4A PCN 269114
Chromalox UB-502 M240V 480V1P Electric Unit Heater 5.0KW 240V Fan Motor 480V 1PH 10.4A PCN 269114
Chromalox UB-502-M240V-480V1P Image

Chromalox UB-502 M240V 480V1P Electric Unit Heater 5.0KW 240V Fan Motor 480V 1PH 10.4A PCN 269114

Part Number: Chromalox-UB-502-M240V-480V1P
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Usually Ships In: 8 Weeks
Ships From: Tennessee - Direct From Chromalox
Ships By: UPS or FedEx Ground. Multiple quantities may ship via truck.
Weight: 43 (Lbs.)
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Rugged, industrial UB heaters are ideal for factories, warehouses, garages or any other area that requires a high volume of forced-air heat.

- Entryway Air-Curtain Heating
- Power Generating Stations
- Factories
- Freeze Protection of Machinery

Construction (2 - 50 kW models)

Painted Finish - For attractive appearance and corrosion resistance.

Cabinet - 16 gauge steel cabinet construction supported with an 18 gauge base assembly and finished in almond powder.

Louvers - Adjustable discharge grille to direct the air flow up or down.

Heavy Gauge Rear Wire Grille protects against accidental contact with rapidly rotating fan blade.

Metal Sheath Fintube Heating Elements — The electric heat bank - Chromalox patented metal sheath Fintube heating elements. Heat radiation fins are corrosion-resistant copper-clad steel, furnace brazed to the tubular heating elements to assure superior heat transfer. Wide spacing prevents clogging. Air is evenly drawn across the circumferential elements preventing hot spots and prolonging element life.

Rugged Motor and Dynamically Balanced Fan provide a high volume of hot air.

Integral Automatic Reset Thermal Cutout for fast heat response and overheat protection.

Features (2 - 20 kW models)

Fan Only Operation - UB-23 and UB-32, (excluding the 120V UB-32), have a separate fan control switch for circulating air during summer months.

Totally Enclosed Fan Motor - Continuous duty with built-in automatic reset thermal overload protection operates on same voltage as supplied to the heater, except on 480 and 550 volt where motor is either 115 or 230 volts. All motors are single phase with sleeve bearings.

Heaters with model numbers having a suffix "T" include a transformer to stepdown the voltage for operating the fan motor.

External contactor is not necessary with heaters having a model number suffix "R".

Wall or Ceiling Mounting Brackets are available separately for field installation depending on mounting arrangement desired.

Features (25 - 50 kW models)

Universal Wall & Ceiling Mounting Bracket is included to provide flexibility in the mounting arrangement.

Fan Interlock - Fan motor contactor includes a set of auxiliary contacts to prevent heating elements from being energized unless contacts of fan motor contactor are closed.

Thermal Fan Delay allows fan motor to continue to operate after heating thermostat has been satisfied to maximize transfer of generated heat to space being heated and extend operating life of heating elements.

Built-in Controlling Contactors and Line Fusing - All heaters drawing 48 Amps or greater are sub-divided into two (2) circuits with built-in line fuses and controlling contactors. Units drawing less than 48 Amps have built-in contactors only, line fusing must be provided externally. All units regardless of amperage rating have built-in fuse protection for the motor and transformer.

Integral 120V Control Circuit - 120 volt power for the control circuit is provided from the unit mounted transformer to eliminate the need to run separate power to the unit for control.

Heavy Duty 1/3 HP motor operates at 1,550 RPM on line voltage. Motor has built-in thermal overload protection, permanently lubricated ball bearings and factory installed line fuses for maximum trouble-free service life.

- Low Maintenance
- High Capacity
- Primary Heating
- Supplementary Heating
- Dual System Heating
- Long Horizontal Air Throw
- Long Life

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