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Gas Heaters

Natural gas heaters and propane heaters are the most common solution for heating large open areas. Gas heaters are factory built for use with natural gas or propane. The electrical consumption is small. Electricity is only used to power the fan and control components.
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  • Gas Construction Heaters Gas Construction Heaters
    Gas construction heaters are used as temporary heating devices on demanding construction sites. Gas and propane construction heaters produce large amounts of heat while maintaining a compact, lightweight, design. Gas construction heaters are factory built for use with natural gas, propane or kerosene. Most do not require electricity to operate. Gas construction heaters are available in fan forced, convection, ductable and portable designs.
  • Gas Duct Furnaces Gas Duct Furnaces
    Gas duct furnaces are used in large commercial and industrial HVAC applications that have a central blower upstream of multiple furnaces. The centralized blower pushes air through the duct furnace. This allows large ducted systems to be zoned with several independent duct furnaces serving unique spaces. Gas duct furnaces are factory built for use with natural gas or propane. Gas duct furnaces are available in gravity vented, power vented, and separated combustion designs. Most gas furnaces can be built for either indoor or outdoor use.
  • Gas Infrared Heaters Gas Infrared Heaters
    Gas infrared heaters, also known as radiant heaters, are the most efficient way to warm people and objects in large open areas with high ceilings, poor insulation and overhead doors. Infrared technology heats people and objects, not the air. Gas infrared heaters can consume 50% less fuel than fan forced heater systems. The upper half of the space is not heated and occupants underneath the radiant heater feel immediate warmth. This allows thermostats to be kept at lower set point temperatures. Infrared heaters are factory built for use with natural gas or propane. Radiant heaters are available in high intensity designs (aka spot heaters) and low intensity designs (aka infrared tube heaters or radiant tube heaters). Infrared tube heaters and radiant tube heaters offer several tube and reflector packages making them the most flexible solution for your facility.
  • Gas Unit Heaters Gas Unit Heaters
    Gas unit heaters are perfect for factories, warehouses, boiler rooms, and other large open, commercial and industrial spaces. Gas unit heaters produce a lot of heat in a small compact design. Gas unit heaters are suspended from the ceiling and blow air down to the floor. Most large applications utilize several gas unit heaters that operate independently with basic wall thermostats. Gas unit heaters are factory built for use with natural gas or propane. Gas unit heaters are available in power vented, separated combustion, low profile and upright designs. Several heat exchanger types are available to meet the most demanding environments.