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H-Mac Systems carries the heaters required for your commercial / industrial project. Shop our selection of thousands of heaters from the most trusted brands in the business. Whether you need electric heaters, natural gas heaters, hot water heaters, steam heaters, or oil fired heaters, we have you covered.

Each heater is presented with a delivered price (we offer free shipping to the Continental US on all products), lead time, catalog, and installation manual for your convenience. Please contact us with any questions and let H-Mac provide a discounted quote for your next project!
  • Electric Heaters Electric Heaters
    Electric heaters are available in hard wired permanently installed or plug-in portable configurations. A permanently installed electric heater mounts out of the way on a wall or ceiling, while a portable garage heater is plugged in where heat is needed and placed on a hard, level surface.
  • Gas Heaters Gas Heaters
    Natural gas heaters and propane heaters are the most common solution for heating large open areas. Gas heaters are factory built for use with natural gas or propane. The electrical consumption is small. Electricity is only used to power the fan and control components.
  • Hydronic Heaters Hydronic Heaters
    Hydronic heaters consist of a fan, heat exchanger coil and cabinet. A hydronic heater needs hot water or steam from a central hot water or boiler system. The hot water is pumped through the heat exchanger coil, and the fan pushes air through the heated coil. Hydronic heaters are available in architectural styles that are quiet enough for a classroom, and large industrial styles that can heat big open spaces fast.
  • Diesel Indirect-Fired Construction Heaters Diesel Indirect-Fired Construction Heaters
    Heat a large area with a heavy-duty vented diesel construction heater.
  • Kerosene Construction Heaters Kerosene Construction Heaters
    Kerosene heaters are designed for use in open outdoor areas and construction sites. Heat a large area with a heavy-duty kerosene salamander heater.
  • Oil Fired Unit Heaters Oil Fired Unit Heaters
    Oil fired unit heaters are perfect for factories, warehouses, boiler rooms, and other large open, commercial and industrial spaces that do not have natural gas or propane available. Oil fired unit heaters produce a lot of heat in a small compact design. Oil fired unit heaters are suspended from the ceiling and blow air down to the floor. Most large applications utilize several oil unit heaters that operate independently with basic wall thermostats.