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Hydronic Heaters

Hydronic heaters consist of a fan, heat exchanger coil and cabinet. A hydronic heater needs hot water or steam from a central hot water or boiler system. The hot water is pumped through the heat exchanger coil, and the fan pushes air through the heated coil. Hydronic heaters are available in architectural styles that are quiet enough for a classroom, and large industrial styles that can heat big open spaces fast.
  • Architectural Hydronic Heaters Architectural Hydronic Heaters
    Architectural hydronic heaters are often used to heat the perimeter walls of office buildings and schools. Architectural hydronic heaters are available in many different colors and cabinet styles to fit the decor of most locations. Architectural hydronic heaters are typically small and quiet, allowing them to blend in with the surroundings. Architectural hydronic heaters are available in wall, ceiling and floor mount designs.
  • Hydronic Cabinet Unit Heaters Hydronic Cabinet Unit Heaters
    Hydronic cabinet unit heaters are perfect for larger spaces that need a lot of heat without the added noise. Hot water cabinet unit heaters are typically found in entryways, vestibules, hallways, stairwells and classrooms. Hydronic cabinet unit heaters are available in many sizes, colors and airflow arrangements. Most cabinet unit heaters can be wall, ceiling or floor mounted.
  • Hydronic Unit Heaters Hydronic Unit Heaters
    Hydronic unit heaters are found in commercial and industrial buildings where central hot water and steam boilers are used for heating. Hot water unit heaters are designed to produce a lot of heat fast. Multiple hydronic unit heaters are typically installed in large facilities. Each hydronic unit heater is controlled independently with a wall mounted thermostat. Many heat exchanger types are available to meet the most demanding applications. Hydronic unit heaters are available in horizontal air flow and vertical airflow designs, with several fan styles with varying airflow rates.
  • Beacon Morris Convectors Beacon Morris Convectors
    Beacon Morris convectors are available in (7) basic types to meet a wide range of heating applications in institutional buildings, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, schools, apartments and other structures. A variety of cabinet enclosure styles permits the selection of an attractive and functional installation to blend with any building interior, modem or traditional. Designed for maximum flexibility of installation arrangement, Beacon Morris Convectors are available in free-standing, semi-recessed, wall hung and fully recessed models. Do you already have a convector and need a replacement convector element only? Visit our Replacement Convector Elements section now.
  • Modine Convectors Modine Convectors
    Modine convectors provide maximum installation flexibility for a variety of heating applications. They come in a variety of models, allowing convectors to be partially recessed, wall hung, and free standing. Modine offers convectors in 20 - 64 inch lengths and five different heights, ranging from 14 - 32 inches depending on the model. A variety of colors are offered to match any application. A complete line of options and accessories provides flexibility in design and installation. Modine's convectors comply with the Buy American Act as they are all Made in the USA.