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  5. QMark CDF552 Ceiling Heater, 5.0/3.8/2.5KW, 240 Volt 1/3PH 21/16/11A
QMark CDF552 Ceiling Heater, 5.0/3.8/2.5KW, 240 Volt 1/3PH 21/16/11A
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QMark CDF552 Ceiling Heater, 5.0/3.8/2.5KW, 240 Volt 1/3PH 21/16/11A

Part Number: QMark-CDF552
Suggested Retail: $807.61

H-Mac Price$621.24
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Weight: 45 (Lbs.)
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- Steel fins are copper-brazed to low-watt density, steel-sheathed, tubular heating elements which are arranged in a uniform grid pattern. The grid covers the entire intake area, resulting in uniform heating of all discharged air.
- Efficient five-bladed Aluminum fan and rugged impedance-protected, totally-enclosed motor.
- Built-In Fan Delay - Space temperature is controlled by a wall or unit-mounted thermostat. When the thermostat calls for heat, the heating elements and fan energize. When the thermostat is satisfied, the elements shut off, but the fan continues to operate until all of the heated air is discharged. This feature avoids exposing the heater to residual heat, thus achieving a high comfort level and longer component life.
- Automatic Thermal Cutout - A thermal cutout shuts off the heater in the event of over-heating and reactivates the heater when the temperature returns to normal.
- Multiple Phase Heaters - The 208 and 240 volt heaters can be field converted from single to three-phase operation. 277 volt single-phase heater is also available.
- Multiple Wattage Heater Sections - The 5,000 watt heater can be field converted to 3,800 watts or 2,500 watts, and the 4,000 watt heater is convertible to 3,000 or 2,000 watts.
- Thumb pins align and temporarily hold the enclosure cover to the heating section freeing both hands to finish installation.
- Type CDF-RE enclosure mounts easily into standard 2' x 2' ceiling grid.

- Heaters are factory wired for highest wattage, field convertible to lower wattages.
- 1 or 3 Phase heaters are factory wired for 1 phase, field convertible to 3 phase.

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