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  5. QMark CU978 Cabinet Heater, 8/12/16/20/24/28/32KW, 208/240/277/480V 1/3PH
QMark CU978 Cabinet Heater, 8/12/16/20/24/28/32KW, 208/240/277/480V 1/3PH
QMark CU978 Image

QMark CU978 Cabinet Heater, 8/12/16/20/24/28/32KW, 208/240/277/480V 1/3PH

Part Number: QMark-CU978
Suggested Retail: $3,767.00

H-Mac Price$2,898.00
Usually Ships In: 6-8 Weeks
Ships From: South Carolina - Factory Direct
Ships By: Truck, Curbside, Back Of Truck
Weight: 300 (Lbs.)
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- Basic cabinet can be mounted on the ceiling, floor or wall.
- Heaters can be mounted on the surface, full recessed or semi-recessed.
- Heater can be mounted for air discharge up or down or with the heater mounted on end the air can be discharged either left or right to provide an air door effect.

- Cabinet constructed of heavy 16 gauge cold-rolled steel structurally formed to provide strength and rigidity for heavy wear and usage.
- Standard white, beige, or Aluminum epoxy finish.
- High / low heat setting.
- Terminals for direct connection to BAS or EMS.
- 1/8 hp, PSC motors are two-speed (1550/1450 rpm).
- Motors are resilient mounted with automatic thermal overload protection.
- Motor fuse protection is provided on all heaters to meet UL, cUL and NEC requirements.
- Heaters over 48 amperes have subdivided (circuit breaker protected) circuits. Circuit breakers are available as an option on heaters of less than 48 amps.
- Plate fin element - steel fins are copper brazed to low watt density, steel-sheathed tubular heating elements. (90/20 NiCh resistance wire). Element is finished with aluminized paint for corrosion resistance. Fins and elements are arranged in a uniform grid pattern and fit closely into the discharge area to assure that all outgoing air passes through the heating element.
- Thermal safety cutout installed in direct contact with the heating element automatically shuts off the heater in the event of overheating due to any cause and reactivates the heater when operating temperature returns to normal. An optional manual reset thermal safety cutout is available.
- Built-in or remote mounted single pole, snap-action thermostat with remote bulb sensor located directly in the air intake. (Optional built-in or remote mounted two stage thermostat is available).
- 24 volt control system. All internal controls, including the thermostat, are operated from a built-in pre-wired transformer with a 24 volt secondary. (Optional 120 volt built-in control is available.)
- Tamper-resistant, two position selector switch to select full heat at high fan speed and reduced heat at low fan speed.
- Automatic fan delay eliminates cold drafts on start-up and discharges residual heat from the heater body during shut down.
- Silent relays, instead of conventional contractors, eliminate the noise of contactor opening and closing.
- Each CU9OOO heater is supplied with a throw-away air filter mounted in the inlet air stream. Optional permanent (washable) aluminum tilters are available.
- A front cover interlock is a standard safety feature that de-energizes the heater when the front cover is removed.
- Terminals are provided for BAS/EMS tie-in of dry contacts for night set back.
- U.L. listed.
- Power supply connections In control compartment.

- Optional built-in fan auto-continuous (summer fan) switch provides continuous fan operation with or without heat, or automatic fan cycling as the elements cycle on and off.
- Optional low voltage, electronically controlled outside air damper with rear mounted duct collar or vinyl seal permits infinite adjustment of outside air from 0% to 100%. Damper closes automatically in event of power failure or if the "On - Off" switch is in the off position. Also closes when the "Open - Closed" switch on the control panel is in the closed position. (When ordered with night set back relay, damper will be factory wired to close automatically when night set back is in effect).
NOTE: Front inlet only - not available with bottom inlet.
- Optional aluminum wall louver option provides a finished touch to the exterior of masonry or panel walls with thickness of 2-3/4" or greater.
- Optional inlet and discharge duct collars - UL listed - provide easy field connection to field supplied duct work. We do not recommend exceeding 0.15" wg external Static pressure.
- Optional dead front disconnect switch or fused dead front disconnect switch disconnects power to the heater. Control panel access door can not be opened until power is turned off.
- Optional built-in night set back relay provides ability to set back heater from energy management systems that Supply 24 volts to the relay for day operation.
- Optional built-in on-off switch allows the heater to be de-energized when not in use.
- Optional trim kit is available for a neat finish to semi-recessed or full recessed applications.
- Optional 16 gauge kick plate in muted black, which is recessed from the heater front and sides by one inch, makes an attractive and practical off-the-floor installation.
- Optional inlet and/or discharge duct collars.

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